Quality Work at a Fair Price …

We have been using SBB for the suspension work on all our bikes here at In fact, Buck not only does our suspension work he does most of our engine work as well. He has always provided quality work at a fair price. We have never been disappointed. It helps that Bucky rides and understands what we are talking about when it comes to suspension performance. If you want your suspension set up to fit you personally call SBB.

Personalized Set-Ups …

I’ve been using SBB for over three years now and there are a number of reasons why. He’s local (for me anyway) no boxing and shipping suspension components, he’s willing to meet and help fine tune your settings. If he just happens to be at a track or on the trail he will take the time to help you. He trail rides and races so his knowledge is very broad. He’s also just as capable of rebuilding an engine as he is tuning suspensions. His prices are very reasonable, his work is very good and he’s a good guy.

Doug 21J

2015 KTM 350 SXF Improvements

When I first rode my 2015 KTM 350 SXF I felt the suspension to be out of balance and a small mid stroke spike in the forks. Bucky’s suggested I put a few more hours on the suspension to let the seals break in.  He came with me to the track and we set the sag and made a few clicker adjustments to the shock and forks and while it felt better I still was a little uncomfortable. The next step was to make some valving changes to the forks, freshen up the oil and install low sticktion fork seals.  This made all the difference.  I still change the clickers now and then to see if I can make it better.  I will go to SBB for any future suspension work.  I’m going to have him do some fork work on FJ-09 this month.

Pat Smith